Meet Me in Miami

March 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

Meet Me in Miami

So much has been happening and I am only half alert as I write this, but I wanted to make a post before Miami.

Here we go. By Wednesday my sister and I will be in the Miami Fashion Week Pop-Up Boutique. This is our chance to get our feet wet before we tackle venues in NYC, Vegas and California. This jewelry thing keeps getting more real.

The Miami event is unique because it is open to both wholesale buyers and retail buyers. Both groups give me an excellent opportunity for direct feedback, which is so valuable. As a 20+ year artist, I am usually the one giving out advice and tips, but not this time. This is the time to keep my ears and mind open. Talk less, listen more.

I have a lot more respect for the organizers of San Diego Comicon. That show was a dream compared to my first fashion convention, which is a lot less organized.

I have no idea what to expect over the next 6 days. Whatever it is, however it is…I know what I am there to do and I am prepared to show jewelry AND maybe some color in my pale Midwestern skin.


Miami…….and Other Places Without Snow!

March 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

photo 1

Just when I thought I could not look at another grey sky or brown landscape, KC was hit with a particularly gruesome 2-part snowstorm.  The first, burying us in 14″ of snow, only to be followed by another 8″ + ice.  Usually, I enjoy the perks of working from a home studio and I relish it even more on nasty weather days.  This time, not as much.  I haven’t traveled since January and mama is getting a little stir crazy.  I need warmth, light (not computer light) and inspiration.  Regardless, I used the snow as an opportunity to kick productivity into high gear.

I officially registered for Miami Fashion Week, booked flights and hotel.  I filled out an application for Accessory Circuit in NYC and completed my PDF catalog.  The completion of my catalog means that I can finally contact buyers and send out emails.  I also loaded my catalog and other info to multiple flash drives for mailing to magazines.  I pray for press.  I have always done my own marketing, not always brilliantly, but sometimes brilliantly.  I have learned a lot in 20+ years as an artist and jewelry is not a lot different.  Package it beautifully, write the story for them and make it newsworthy.

Miami will give me the chance to tell my story in person, without flash drives and PDF’s.  It will be the first time I reach beyond Kansas City and debut Janesko jewelry nationally.  You know what else is in Miami?  Warmth, light and inspiration.

Italian Envy & Jewels

February 12, 2013 § Leave a comment


The parallels between my art and the jewelry are crazy.  Stores are like galleries, the first leads to the next and so on.  When Halls signed on to buy my line it was a shot in the arm.  Not only had this been my goal since day one, I also have very sentimental connections to this local boutique.  For me, they represent that connection to the REAL fashion world the one that exists in NYC and Los Angeles- a portal into the glamorous world of design.  My humble pencil sketch, became a tangible object that sits steps away from handbags crafted in Italy.  It is that said handbag that has been on my radar of late.  I want that bag.  I’ve decided that there is only one way I want to own it is when I celebrate a milestone, landing my first department store.  It’s no coincidence that this bag sits a few steps from my jewelry.  All moments connect.

I believe there is an invisible web that connects things, people and events.  Nothing just happens on an island.  To believe in that connection is to believe in karma, instinct and the richness of life.  That is how I want to live.  I want to recognize and embrace what is laid before me, I want to curate and craft a life well lived, with a Prada bag.

Monday Means GO.

February 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Still from Janesko video.

Still from Janesko video.

After a weekend of painting, I am ready to hit the jewelry this week.  I have 2 new jewelry pieces coming and that will complete my look book.  Once the look book is completed, it is full steam ahead- Lot’s of department stores on my wish list.  I am putting together a box that will be reviewed by #Nordstrom.  You send it and wait for a phone call….no stress there!  I have been working on my presentation for a couple of weeks.  Even the shipping box seems important.  Is there a box big enough that will fit all my hopes and dreams?  My sister wants to include a KS sampler, but I am thinking something along the lines of white and gold butterflies that will be released upon opening.  All kidding aside, I think there has to be something that makes people take notice (besides the jewelry, of course) and remember your package.  Do I get any credit for avidly shopping all the Nordstrom Anniversary sales and checking in on Yelp every time i enter a store?  I hope so.

Jewelry/Beach? Not Today.

January 31, 2013 § Leave a comment


Woke up to several emails that were art related and I spent the day behind the laptop taking care of said emails.  I had several things to do as far as tying up some loose ends with the jewelry, but the reality is that my art is still a living and breathing business.  20+ years of painting means that something is always happening on that front.  

I have 2 portraits in my studio right now.  One is becoming extraordinarily difficult and one is fairly easy, but time consuming.  Both take me away from jewelry, but right now I have to learn balance- a give and take of sorts.  I’m good at multitasking, it is just that I prefer full concentration.

I was also distracted today, by the thought of being somewhere else, somewhere on a beach.  At first I thought this idea was just a random thought, but then I realized that a beach is the only place I could go to really shut out all the multitasking.  I want to remember what it was like before I was inundated with email, texts, constant social updates, website updates, stupid tv and tedious housework.  I guess I need an excuse to excuse myself.  I need a beach, or at least a plan to get to a beach soon.  Until then, I will just stare at this photo from 2 years ago.

Everything is on delay, except my patience.

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My line was launched in September and only a couple short weeks before, I had a crew of about 10 people in my home shooting stills and video…stunning video, BTW.  How I ever managed to talk Ron Berg into taking on such a huge task, is still not clear.  We shot from 6am-1am.  One makeup application, one model, one crew, one day.  My sister worked wardrobe, my mom acted as catering, my cat got in the way and I stumbled around feeling useless with such a dedicated and professional crew.

My initial video editor compiled a polished edit for my launch party in a matter of a couple hours, but bailed on the full length edit in late November.  There I was, facing the holiday season without the full package for my press releases and a massive amount of time wasted.  A couple weeks later, an amazing editor came to my rescue and polished the cut.  Music still needed to be finalized, so it was off to sound edit at another company.  Sound has not been smooth.  It’s a combination of not loving the music, mixed with a disconnect between the visuals and the music.  I am now reminding myself that the big picture is the most important thing.  It is time to present my video and move on.

I am a couple days away from February.  Although I am looking at snow out of my window in KC, I know every important fashion magazine is bundling up a summer issue.  Patient no more, I am putting the finishing touches on some very important mail this week.  One of the most important packages goes to Nordstrom.  For the moment, I can say that I am undiscovered and unknown and that works well for now.  In a month, I will be staring at my phone like a teenager girl.

I am ready for what’s next.

The Corset Fold-over Pendant

January 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

The Corset Fold-over Pendant

Firming up the last pieces in my Corset collection before presenting to my dream department store. Spent the night looking for a way to package all my pieces so that they would still look great upon arrival. I think there must be a market out there for presentation options, because my choices are dismal.

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