Everything is on delay, except my patience.

January 30, 2013 § Leave a comment


My line was launched in September and only a couple short weeks before, I had a crew of about 10 people in my home shooting stills and video…stunning video, BTW.  How I ever managed to talk Ron Berg into taking on such a huge task, is still not clear.  We shot from 6am-1am.  One makeup application, one model, one crew, one day.  My sister worked wardrobe, my mom acted as catering, my cat got in the way and I stumbled around feeling useless with such a dedicated and professional crew.

My initial video editor compiled a polished edit for my launch party in a matter of a couple hours, but bailed on the full length edit in late November.  There I was, facing the holiday season without the full package for my press releases and a massive amount of time wasted.  A couple weeks later, an amazing editor came to my rescue and polished the cut.  Music still needed to be finalized, so it was off to sound edit at another company.  Sound has not been smooth.  It’s a combination of not loving the music, mixed with a disconnect between the visuals and the music.  I am now reminding myself that the big picture is the most important thing.  It is time to present my video and move on.

I am a couple days away from February.  Although I am looking at snow out of my window in KC, I know every important fashion magazine is bundling up a summer issue.  Patient no more, I am putting the finishing touches on some very important mail this week.  One of the most important packages goes to Nordstrom.  For the moment, I can say that I am undiscovered and unknown and that works well for now.  In a month, I will be staring at my phone like a teenager girl.

I am ready for what’s next.


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