Italian Envy & Jewels

February 12, 2013 § Leave a comment


The parallels between my art and the jewelry are crazy.  Stores are like galleries, the first leads to the next and so on.  When Halls signed on to buy my line it was a shot in the arm.  Not only had this been my goal since day one, I also have very sentimental connections to this local boutique.  For me, they represent that connection to the REAL fashion world the one that exists in NYC and Los Angeles- a portal into the glamorous world of design.  My humble pencil sketch, became a tangible object that sits steps away from handbags crafted in Italy.  It is that said handbag that has been on my radar of late.  I want that bag.  I’ve decided that there is only one way I want to own it is when I celebrate a milestone, landing my first department store.  It’s no coincidence that this bag sits a few steps from my jewelry.  All moments connect.

I believe there is an invisible web that connects things, people and events.  Nothing just happens on an island.  To believe in that connection is to believe in karma, instinct and the richness of life.  That is how I want to live.  I want to recognize and embrace what is laid before me, I want to curate and craft a life well lived, with a Prada bag.

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