Janesko Corset Point Earring

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Janesko Corset Point Earring

My last post was in 2010? So ashamed, but then again- not really. It is for what I consider good reason- launching a jewelry line was a lot more work than I thought. Also, throw in remodeling a 1959 house, moving out of the loft, buying jewelry components, working with my manufacturer, keeping the art biz afloat and general “living” nonsense.

So, cut to a few more wrinkles and a lot more multitasking- my jewelry line launched in September 2012, website launched shortly after and now I am off and running! BUT, I am not alone. Somewhere along the way, the planets aligned in the oddest of ways and my sister Alicia agreed to get on board and join the Janesko, LLC ride. She is now acting as my official sales rep and it has been such a nice break for me. For over 20 years I have played every role (including sales rep) in my art business and I guess I never realized how painful that can be until sis came along and took the pain part out of this equasion. After all these years as sisters, we might have just suprised ourselves at how easily this union formed.  A common goal and a love for fashion can move mountains. We may be working it like some contorted Chinese acrobats, but none the less- it’s a good performance thus far.

Well, enough of all that chatter. Wanna see some jewelry? Check it out- http://www.janesko.com


The beginning….

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

In a way,  you could say my life has been entangled in fashion for years.

I have been writing about fashion, styling friends, family and colleagues and designing clothes and jewelry through my paintings.

Fashion will not save the world and it really isn’t complicated or governed by absolute rules.  It is about beauty, creativity, fun and imagination.

These are the qualities that I will be incorporating into my accessory line.

Returning to fashion has been a dream of mine since I created a full time art career over 20 years ago.

Today, I return to a passion and a dream.  Time to make the abstract real.

So here goes.

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